Day 10
Eating clean on a budget
Not that long ago Chris Topher and I decided that we weren’t going to worry about the cost of groceries. I mean, we aren’t eating caviar and champagne every night but we eat well. We consider the amount of time, effort, and yes, money into our lifestyle to be an investment. I’m worth it. Chris is worth it. All of us are worth it. But often we hear that eating clean and getting healthy isn’t cost effective. That it’s cheaper to eat unhealthy, and cheaper to live an unhealthy lifestyle.
That’s not true. In here to put my two cents in and officially say “saying you cant afford a healthy lifestyle is total bullshit”.
It takes more effort, yes. It takes planning. And commitment. But you can eat healthy on a budget.
Today I stopped by three different grocery stores after Bootcamp and did some bargain shopping. Yes. Three. I went with a purpose at each store because I like eating as clean and sustainable as possible but even though we don’t WORRY about money, it’s nice to not spend it all on food, too.
At Albertsons, they had a deal on their chicken and pork (and beef but I didn’t get any)- buy 1 get 2 free. Yes, I said that right. I spent $80 on meat (and drinks) but on my receipt it showed I saved $119. I just bought $200 worth of groceries for under $100! At Trader Joes, I went for the goat milk cheese, and I love their raw honey. It’s way cheaper to get those products there too. And finally I stopped at Safeway for their bargain foods. I got four packages of free range chicken at half off. AND some deli meats for snacking at half off also.
I also got this nifty calendar for me and Chris to plan things out a little better.
Oh and for my reinforcement? I splurged and bought this veggetti peeler to make super healthy spagetti! Who wants some zucchini lasagna?
Do you have any pointers for those who want to eat clean but don’t have the funds to shop at Whole Foods and PCC?

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