Day 12:
Meatless Monday
I’m doing a little experiment. How can I incorporate “Meatless Monday” into my routine to be healthy, sustainable, and conserving.
The main idea behind Meatless Mondays is to eat less red meat, which is one of America’s leading contributions to climate change. The only meat that we Americans consume that doesn’t contribute to the mass amount of greenhouse gases being released are native animals- venison, elk, bison. Salmon and seafood are great but that’s a whole other can of worms to open with me about sustainable seafood and how we are depleting the oceans. So I’m not great with statistics, but they say if you give up meat one day a week, you’ll be healthier and take a great stride in combatting climate change. Like eliminating processed foods, this is definitely a win-win for me.
While this topic isn’t as dear to my heart as palm oil, it is important enough for me to learn more about. I do tend to focus on environmental factors, but replacing your carnivorous ways once a week also has tons of health benefits for us too. By going to Meatless Mondays, you could lower your risk of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Pretty nifty!
So I’ve been experimenting. Today was fairly successful. But I was way low on my protein intake. So I need to prepare better for next week and make sure I have cottage cheese, tofu, edamame, beans, and my greek yogurt readily available. I also want to work on not just “not eating meat” but look at where my vegetables and meatless food is coming from. Try to get as local as I can, because veggies can have as harsh of a carbon footprint as beef if you aren’t careful.
But for today I had my favorite greek plain yogurt with a tiny teaspoon of honey and a banana for breakfast. Yummy opal apple and tea for snack. Morningstar farms pizza for lunch, shakeology for afternoon, and I made butternut squash soup for dinner. Tasty, yes. Protein packed? Not so much! But this is a process, and I’m learning just as much as the next guy!
If you are interested in learning more about the Meatless Monday movement, or want to try it out yourself, here is the link to their website.
I hope everyone has a fun and productively healthy week!!!