Day 16
Experience New Momentum
I love trying new things. It’s fine if it doesn’t work out or if I don’t like it, but I think it’s really good for me to trying new things.
Experience Momentum isn’t technically a new thing for me, but it is different from my normal routine and it’s becoming a highlight of my week. Even when these sessions are over, I may come back because they offer physical therapy.
This is a place I honestly can’t say enough good things about Experience Momentum. The trainers are encouraging and personable. They have an array of interesting and useful equipment. Fun classes. And then there’s the 1% for the planet. And this sustainability corner with environmental tips for being healthy. It’s like they probed my brain and picked out all the fitness and environmental aspects and combined them to create their facility.
So I’ve just been reinforced for trying new things. I have four training sessions and five group classes (7 if you count the 2 free classes I’ll get for trying out- they let you try each of their classes for free). And after that I’ll have to figure out how to get my EM fix.