Day 17:
Shopping clean and (mostly) green
One of my goals for this year is to eat clean throughout the year. I have to admit it’s easier said than done. Processed foods are everywhere and reading labels gets time consuming and annoying. To put it mildly.
But I did it. Well…..mostly. I’ll give myself the credit for doing it even though we bought Fiber One cereal. I count it because it’s 100% for Chris only and I let him buy it under immense protest.
Once I get the hang of buying clean, I’m going to start challenging myself to buy green. Start watching not just what I’m eating, but where I’m eating and look at purchasing and eating as local as possible.
Here is what I got today:
Goat cheese
Almond milk
Turkey bacon
Local eggs
Bananas (from fracking Ecuador but $0.39 a pound? Stop it)
More potatoes
Sweet potatoes
Bok choy
Opal apples
Local coffee
Frozen blueberries
Smoked salmon
Swedish pancake mix
Cottage cheese
Coconut milk creamer
I’m looking forward to food opportunities this week!