Day 18
All work and no play makes Pattie a dull girl.
I had a play day today! No workout (rest day) and no food restrictions (off day). And an invitation to a Puzzle Break for a good friend’s birthday! Oh what fun!
So I thought this experience was going to be just a fun night out, not necessarily brainless fun, but just a bunch of us hanging out trying to get out of a room by solving puzzles. I didn’t realize I was going to get a total mental workout! I also assumed we would get out of the room within an hour. We really did work well together. Maybe we had one or two instances of unclear communication but the twelve of us really did work well together and we got pretty far. Did I mention the brain exercises? It was like Crossfit for the mind! We were all mentally exhausted afterward. So we finished our night at a bar called the Unicorn where they served Unicorn Jizz (I am not joking) and unicorn droppings. Which were delicious!
I’m glad I took this kind of off day! I still worked on my fitness- social and cranial.
What are some of your favorite fun things to do when you need an off day?