Day 19
The perfect balance
When I’m planning my meals I try to load heavy on the protein. Why? Because most food I eat, even if clean, healthy, and nutritious, tends to be fairly carb dense. I don’t log all my meals at once, so it’s sometimes difficult to know exactly where I’m going to end up. I’d say 90% of the time my carbs and fats are way higher than I would like or was trying for.
Right now I’m trying to gain muscle and I’m doing a LOT of strength training. So my body needs way more protein than when I was trying to lose weight. Those workouts required more carbs for energy. But with muscle building, I need the protein, so a recommended percentage for diet is 40% carbs, 40% protein, and 20% fat. This is usually way harder than it sounds.
But today I did it! This is especially noteworthy because today was also Meatless Monday, so ALL my protein was non-meat based. I had eggs for breakfast, greek plain yogurt with some honey, made paleo mini pumpkin pies and added pumpkin protein to the recipe, edamame and cottage cheese for lunch, cottage cheese and pear for pre workout snack, and then devoured a portion of tofurkey for dinner with veggies. And I achieved a perfect 40/40/20!
You are welcome to pat me on the back!
Now I just hope to get my breakfast balance figured out so I get out the door with more workout energy!