Day 20
Double trouble is double the fun!
I doubled WODed today. And KILLED the second WOD. Which was AFTER my Wendler session of doing bench presses to failure.
Yes. This is me patting myself on the back. I do that from time to time when I’m not bitching at myself for a screw up or pouting because I didn’t do something right.
I sometimes find that doing a workout a second time helps improve things. Your body knows what to expect and you know where you need to push yourself the most. I think that’s the key. The point where you “sucked” the first time will be the place you focus the most and you always see improvements.
This was a great WOD too. I like that there were no times or Rx (well I guess the kettlebell swings were rx but really this was a true “test yourself” WOD). Don’t gete wrong- I LOVE timed WODS and AMRAPs and prescribed weights, but this was really nice to push myself to do better and go faster a second time without pressure to beat a certain time.
This isn’t something I recommend anyone do everyday. I don’t do this everyday. I’d be exhausted all the time and my muscles would never heal.
But some days you just need to do something hard core and bad ass so you don’t choke the a-holes in your life.
What a great stress reliever!