Day 21
Reset button on your day
Last night was rough. That’s basically the understatement of the year, but I’ll just warm up my talk with that tidbit. I mean, DO NOT TALK TO ME. DO NOT TOUCH ME. Rough.

So this morning I woke up still very much upset bc nothing had gotten resolved last night. I went to bed not just angry, but infuriated. Dreams when you’re angry are not helpful either, btw.

I skipped my morning workout and did a couple chores around the apartment and relaxed a little longer than usual but left for work with plenty of time, but none of that helped my mood either.

I envisioned going to workout after my shift and I got knots. Just do deadlifts on my own and ignore the elephant in the room? Talk to others? Gah!

I tried to focus on the job at hand. That usually helps a lot because when you deal with 8000 lb animals you really need to FOCUS! But 10:00 rolled around and the drama I knew that was waiting at home weighed down heavily. And the situation at work does not help one get in a better mood at all (if you really want to know details, pm me, bc I don’t like talking about it on Facebook or social media in general). Morale is really at an all time low. So trying to push through the emotions wasn’t working either.

By 11:30, I knew staying at work wasn’t going to do me any good. Which is a shame because it used to help get me out of a funk. I mean, cmon! I play with fracking ELEPHANTS! But today was no go, so I went home for the afternoon.

It was on my way home and stopping by the store to purchase my sonicare and floss picks that I realized this action was very good for my mental well being but also my physical wellness too. I was completely bogged down. Very emotional. And ready to duke it out and finish this crap so I could move on.

So I came home and we talked. And talked. And talked.

The relationship I have with my husband right now is so different than our relationship of even just 3 years ago. We would never have been so confident with each other before. We would never have talked so calmly and candidly. We would never have been so open or honest. I will admit, this relationship is WAY better!!!! WAY!!!!!!! BETTER!!!!!

We got everything out on the table and we had a concrete resolution. And it felt like a enormous rock was lifted off my chest and I could breathe again.

A couple hours later, we are laughing together and I decided to get ready to do the WOD.

Perusing Facebook I came across an entry in this group that helped me figure out what going home was for me. It was me deciding to reset today and start over.

I KILLED the WOD. It was a team WOD, and I paired with the two fittest, and strongest people there. So I knew I’d have to give it my all to keep up. And I did! And we rocked out with 7 rounds!

If you are having a day, don’t be afraid to hit the reset button! It’s a mental lifesaver and will do your body good!