Rx: prescribed weight for the workout

Yesterday during my personal training session, we did pyramid exercises (my trainer’s “favorite”). Going up in weight but down a little in reps I did front squats, kettlebell swings, single arm KB swings, and power cleans. He told me even if the Rx was 35 lbs for KB swings, I should go up bc I have mad KB swing skills!
So lo and behold today’s WOD was kettlebell swings! With the Rx at 35lbs. So I decided to push myself.
I don‘t have double-unders down so much that I can do them straight on, but I usually muster through with a single double single double. But I falter all the time and it often takes me one whole minute to finish 50.


It was a partner WOD so I only had to do half of the work. But I Rx’d the whole thing! I did a whole string of double-unders! WHAT?!? Not 20 in a row, but I did all double unders! I did 55# thrusters. And 44 lb kettlebell swings! That’s Rx PLUS!!!!

How do you like me NOW?!?!

Oh, by the way, this was after deadlifting 115, 135, and 155 for 5 reps, and then 165 for 3. AND after doing 12 reps of 80 lb back squats for Wendler.


By the way, this short and sweet post is a make up for my last post.