Because I’m All About Them Weights, About Them Weights, No Treadmill
Today I skipped Crossfit because they were focusing on Back Squats which Chris and I worked on achieving our one rep maxes for yesterday. I know that sounds like an excuse, and to a degree it is, but instead of the WOD, I went to my gym I have a membership to (bc I want access to a pool) and took their Body Conditioning class.
It was ridiculously easy. I tried to up the ante by double timing it, but it was just redonkulous.
And it reminded me of a line from a parody of All About That Base song- “no, I won’t be no stick figure silicone Barbie doll. So if that’s what you’re into LA Fitness is where you belong”.
However, I do see some actually FIT people at LaLa Land. And sometimes I get super frustrated with Olympic weight-lifting because I can’t seem to get the moves right or my knee gives and my form sucks. So I’m wondering if maybe I can work on my strength at a place that actually encourages you NOT to come.
My only downfall is I get super self conscious when people stare at me, and I get stared at every time I walk into LA Fitness. I’m not the typical Barbie doll workout chick. My hair is plunked out, I’m wearing ridiculous socks, and I definitely have Bitchy Resting Face when I’m working out. So people stare.
Well, it’s sorta good to know that option is kinda available. Maybe I’ll do a month of Wendler using machines one month.
One place you won’t see me? On the fracking treadmill.
Because I’m all about them weights, no treadmill!