Personal Training

I’ll start this off by saying this personal training I just finished was very different from all my others. No strings attached, 4 sessions, let’s do them and be on our way, test your limits, build up strength and see you later.

I’ve never hated my personal trainers (except for one, but I didn’t hate him until AFTER I stopped working with him). I love having someone push me to my limits. Because my mentality will never allow myself to push further. But someone telling me to? I can do that!

I do have a preferred method of training- which is relying on positive reinforcement. Remember that post? My trainer this time was incredibly encouraging and motivational. From day one through today, he stayed uplifting and positive. He mentioned his disdain for the word “can’t” (I mentioned that I didn’t think I could do a triathlon bc I couldn’t string the swimming, biking, and running all together). But he always had something new for me to try and put in my tool belt for future use. I have to warn Stephanie Forbes Miller, Susan Burchardt, Alyssa Borek, Erin Martin, and Kim Szawan that it is highly likely you will experience some of the fun activities for future bootcamps! SMF!

Do I NEED personal training? No. Not anymore. Do I still enjoy one on one time with someone who professionally knows exercises that will challenge me and help me meet my fitness goals? Oh, hell yeah!

Most gyms have a personal trainer option. Some even have one free session a month with their membership. Most places like LA Fitness are trying to just make a quick buck off you, but if you really do want to up your game, even a factory trainer is way better than nothing.

That’s all I got. Thanks, Matthew. See you on the upside!


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