Yoga cheater

Funny thing happened at the yoga studio today. Not yoga. I went in and was asked if I was doing the beginners class or Ryder class. Ryder class? What’s that? Oh, it on a Real Ryder, and works your core while working out. Sure, why not? Oh, you’ll love it.

Compared to yoga, I DID love it. Because it wasn’t yoga! It wasn’t remotely close to yoga. It was a fracking SPIN class on this bike that would lean left or right and would wobble in your hands when you stood up out of your saddle.

It was WAY better than yoga for me! I was already pumped about getting my bike tuned up, and now I get to do a SPIN CLASS at a yoga studio?!?! Yes, please.

Of course, this doesn’t help me achieve my goal for the month, so as much as I may have liked it (and that’s still relative, spin class has NOTHING on a real bike nor even close to a Crossfit WOD), I don’t think I’ll do it again because I need to practice yoga. I can do a spin class anywhere. Well, pretty much anywhere.

So back to beginners class tomorrow. Bye pretty Ryder. It was fun.