Getting ready for BIKE season!!!!

I got extremely excited last week with a mild “heat wave” hitting us with the lows in the fifties. I thought I was being clever and prepared when I decided to make my appointment for my bike tune up this week (besides the fact my groupon expired this week- that had nothing to do with it) (that’s a lie, it had A LOT to do with it). So my hopes were almost crushed when Gregg’s Cycle said they were booked up until the 6th. But they are honoring my groupon as long as I got my bike in before the expiration date.

So I decided today was the day. I took Little Sexy in and dropped her off. But what I’m REALLY excited about is riding with my new seat! Siriusly! I’ve been riding on a broomstick handle for two years! This new seat feels like a fracking couch! My butt is thrilled!

Bike will be ready Saturday. Does this mean biking season starts Sunday? Maaaaaybe!