They see me Rollin’ they hatin’!

You know what exercises you can do when your sick? Well, technically anything you feel up to doing, but low impact and detoxing type are probably what will feel good.

I got sick over my weekend. I had no idea on Friday. Yesterday I was in complete denial. So I should probably apologize to the (good) folks at LA Fitness, but I don’t really know those people so I don’t really care. I will apologize to Brent but you consumed so much alcohol that any germs I was shedding were probably killed on contact.

I was going to write about Pilates and how awesome I feel after a pilates class but there was a substitute instructor and in the spirit of staying positive, I won’t tell you how amazingly horrible the class was. I’ll just leave that up to your imagination.

After the class from hell was over, I decided to roll out my tight legs. I had no idea how my legs had gotten so tight when I had JUST had a wonderful massage the day before (the flu, dumbass, you probably have the flipping flu). But rolling always does the trick.

I like to spend a good 15 minutes just rolling my quads, my calves, my hamstrings, and anything else that feels like they have been back talking my body. Puts them right in their place.

And for the hard to reach places, I have sone aroma therapy massage balls. Much smaller than a tennis ball( which I won’t bash- damn can a tennis ball do the trick), I place them under my shoulder and back and just lay on the ground writhing in what probably looks like a scene from 50 Shades of Grey (haven’t read the books but I’m kinda smart, I got that thing figured out).

So if you have never rolled on a foam roller before, do yourself and your wonderful body a huge favor and go get some of that action! Trust me, your body will thank me!

Roll OUT!