NyQuil NyQuil NyQuil! We love you, you giant effing Q!

I thought the body aches I was experiencing was from tightness and knots….they aren’t. I have a touch of the flu. So, sorry to everyone I’ve come in contact with the last 3-4 days. That includes everyone at LA Fitness and Core Power Yoga, even though I don’t know anyone there so I don’t really care.

So sleeping is what I need, and NyQuil has become my BFF! My head isn’t bothering me quite so much (bc I’m jacked up on NyQuil) but my body is just aching from head to toe.

In fitness and in health, we will deal with illness and injuries. No matter how badass you are, no matter how clean you eat. Those microscopic germs will get you and when they do, you must remember that while your body can endure a lot of things, taking care of yourself and allowing your body to heal by resting, eating foods that heal (even if that means you end up eating chicken on Meatless Monday), drinking plenty of water (and hot tea), and reading dumb irrelevant books. And Kiddy. And sheep socks.

Okay, NyQuil is kicking in again. Time for bed.

I’ll kick tomorrow’s ass! Or something.