Sleeping Beauty

I don’t know about all of you guys, but I for one am sick of being sick.

Mostly because I haven’t worked out in a week. Not that yoga is much of a workout. Maybe this was kismet that I should get sick on the month I am supposed to do nothing but my absolute least favorite exercise.

Instead I have gotten some much needed practice in the art of rest. I admit, I am horrible at sleeping. I swear, my body actually gets BORED sleeping a full 8 hours. But rest is what my body needs most, so I take my lessons where I can get them.

I have most definitely received at least 8 hours of sleep the last 4 days. I’ve not only gone to bed early and not gotten up early to workout, but I’ve been napping throughout the day too. I love naps. I mean, I don’t utilize them as often as I’d like, and I probably don’t do them right for optimum benefits anyways, but I really do love naps. Allowing me to go to sleep without disturbing me for about an hour would be the most amazing positive reinforcement EVER!!!! Yeah, that’s right. I would do just about anything for a good nap!

Sleep should occur long enough to heal and rest muscles, and energize your day. If you are having issues losing weight, and you are following your meal plans and exercising enough, the first place you should look are your sleeping habits. Without enough quality sleep, your body can’t function the way it should, and your health and well being will suffer.

So hurrah for me getting to practice my sleep. MUCH more enjoyable than yoga!

Gotta go catch some more. – feeling sleepy.