One great idea and one not so great idea

I had so much success with eating great yesterday only locally produced foods and resisting temptation at work that I tried something for Thursday. It was the lamest name but I thought the idea itself was sound. I was calling it Thirsty Thursday and it would entail consuming only drinkable meals (protein shakes, juices, and water). I made three different protein shakes for my meals- banana and yogurt and whey in each of them. They tasted GREAT! And I was fine throughout the day (well sorta, at least as far as hunger and nourishment went), until around 6:00. I realized the error of my ways and knew it was too late to remedy the situation with solid food. So today was the first and last Thirsty Thursday. I need to EAT!!!! Protein shakes are great, especially before and after a workout. For every meal? No. Don’t do it. Trust me.

But I do want to focus on the positive here. I went to yoga tonight at Richmond Beach Yoga….. And I LOVED it! I actually had a great time and a lot of fun. The teacher was incredibly engaging and helpful. We did several poses that in previous classes I’ve hated, but with his instruction they were a lot more bearable. And we ended with “Plow” pose which was incredibly invigorating. If my first yoga experiences had been like this I know I would have had a MUCH different opinion of yoga. He does a morning class in Tuesday and Thursday and I’m actually excited and looking forward to attending them next week.

After yoga I decided to attend the philosophy class. You would think discussing philosophy of yoga would be boring, but again, the instructor was super engaging and I opened up and shared some thoughts and had a great time.

Considering how my day at work had gone and the horrible mindset I was in going into class, plus my lack of proper nourishment, I am very impressed with Richmond Beach Yoga for helping me forget my troubles and just BE.

Finally! NAMASTE!!!!

About time!