Get by with the help of my friends

I didn’t do much today. I’m in a funk and I’m seriously contemplating counseling but who has time or money for that?

But talking to friends today definitely helped. I had a mental wellbeing lunch with a friend I really don’t see as often as I’d like.

I talked a little about my frustrations in fitness and life in general and she listened and let me rant. And then I listened to her talk about what’s going on with her and her life. I found that active listening really helped me get out of my head. Not that my friend has bigger or worse problems than me, but not focusing on my issues and talking to someone else definitely helps. We started exchanging great healthy recipes by the end of lunch and I really do want to try some of her pancake breakfasts!

Last night I spent close to an hour on the phone with one of my bestest and closest friends. We ended up talking about who has a cuter kitty (it’s not really all that fair that she has a kitten and we have a full grown cat- and Winnie doesn’t even count bc she’s such an evil counterpart to the Kid anyways) and Chopsticks for Salamanders. I’m thrilled that something the two of us started incorporating in our lunches and dinners out together has also picked up at her new job. They are discussing having reusable chopsticks as giveaways for a conference they hold for 200+ attendees! So that was great to get out of my head for a while talking about things I’m passionate about also.

I really do rely on my friends when I’m having a tough time. I know I have Chris with me any time I need a true shoulder to cry on and for support no matter what, but for me, I also need my “girl” friends (I say “girl” bc well, frankly, they don’t have to be a girl, it just so happens that most of my good buddies are female).

I’m glad I made plans to meet up with Jenny next week too and Stephanie and I made a promise to call and catch up next week as well. While neither conversation actually inspired me to be healthy or workout or eat better (eh, I’ll argue the lunch convo was very food oriented), it definitely helped clear my head and lately I’ve found that my weekends are all about mental wellbeing. This is a pattern, but I’m glad I’m finding coping mechanisms to get me through the workweek.