Getting Noticed

I had a pretty amazing day at work today. Got shit done. Wasn’t worried about what my coworker thinks of me. He appreciates and supports me. It was great. Even my annual review didn’t deter from the ambiance of “life is grand”.

One of our highlights today was actually, believe it or not, a visit from Human Resources. Russ was very encouraged by his conversation with them, and I received one of the most uplifting compliments from them.

Seems my fitness journey, lifestyle, and motivation has, well, moved them. They heard how much weight I lost last year and how involved with fitness and wellness I aspire to be. And they told me I was an inspiration.

Let me repeat- they told me I INSPIRE others. This isn’t the first time I’ve been told this, but for some reason it was the first time I felt I achieved something.
HR wants to talk to me some more about my ideas because they want to bring about a stronger wellness program to the zoo. They want me involved because of my strengths in this area. They want to check out my Bootcamp. They want me to develop EarthFit (I am still not sold on the name but I can’t think of anything else really) and possibly do a couple lunch presentations on the topics of my choice regarding eating healthy, working out, creating healthy habits.
It was such an incredible honor. I am floored.

I’m actually excited for tomorrow. For the first time in months, I am actually looking FORWARD to going in to work!!

It’s an Ash Wednesday MIRACLE!

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