Halfway There

I’d like to take a few minutes to express sincere gratitude,┬áCongratulations, and admiration for everyone making it this far.

100 days is a long time. I recognize that and you all are doing amazing work!

I try to at least like every post and try to say something positive but I’ll be honest, some days there are so many I fall behind. Which if you think about, its a GOOD thing! There are so many of us in this together! How can we possibly fail?

I’m starting off a clean eating challenge from Karen Petersen‘s Army of 100 group on Monday for 7 days (only 7 days! We can do that!). Who wants to join her? I’ll let her give details if she’s inclined (Karen does A LOT for her fitness and inspiring others too). Let’s put down the palm oil and boxed foods for one week and focus on delicious, nutritious, and sustainable foods!

I’m almost done with my yoga month. I honestly don’t think my opinion changed that much over the course of one month. I did hit my old pilates class that I used to do on Mondays (when I was off Sunday/Monday) and I my mobility was a little off but I enjoyed it. And I believe I will no longer turn my nose up when someone asks if I want to try a yoga class, but as far as making yoga a part of my daily or even weekly routine, I kinda doubt it. But who knows? I still have one week left. Maybe I’ll have an epiphany.

There are some major changes coming my way as well. It’s going to have a huge impact on my psychological and emotional well being, so I’m nervous and excited at the same time (keep dreaming big, Darling).

One thing I don’t regret is committing to these posts. I want to write more and I feel lazy if I can’t even write a simple post once a day. Still hoping to write more than my posts on some days, but I’m trying to go a little easy on my psyche right now. Little things and baby steps. It’ll all work itself out in the end.

But Siriusly, thanks everyone for making 100 Ways a true inspiration! For me. For you. For everyone.

Only 50 days to go!!!