Gearing up for a comeback!

I am having a bad February. I’d love to blame the yoga, or winter blues, or sad that we are closing the elephant exhibit, it a whole slew of other excuses, but truth is I’m in a slump. I haven’t felt like working out at all in ages. Yesterday I skipped out on all possible yoga classes.

But today I excused myself from class to get some things that will get me excited about my fitness and health again.

First and foremost: SHOES! Omg! SHOES!

Look at my new pretties! They’re Brooks “Ghost”, not really sure if that’s something amazing or not but they are comfy and I can’t WAIT to try these babies out!! In fact, I think I may just redeem my Experience Momentum certificate tomorrow so I can show them off.

Which brings me to #2- found my Experience Momentum certificate! It’s for classes rather than personal training and I’ve always had a lot of fun at these. I haven’t done their yoga class, but I think I might try it tomorrow morning after Empower X.

Third, I went by Sky Nursery in the afternoon and bought a whole bunch of seeds. I have your basics- tomato, zucchini, and bell pepper, but I’m also going to try kale and broccoli. And I got Rosemary, sage, basil, cilantro, catnip, and oregano. And in April, I’m going to plant them and start my own summer garden! Kale chips and zucchini spaghetti from my back porch! You just can’t beat that!
Next, I stopped by the grocery store and bought over $100 worth of clean, healthy, nutritious food for just under $50. As I told Chris, all must bow to her majesty, the queen of eating healthy and clean on a budget! I bought a HUGE fillet of salmon for half off. Tillamook (made in Oregon, practically right next door) greek plain yogurt on clearance, sheep milk cheese for grating, and organic rice all for super cheap! And for good measure, I bought some nut and cranberry mix on sale.

And finally, I went through my recipes to find some inspiration for me with veggies. I found some great ideas for zucchini, mushrooms, acorn squash, broccoli, and lettuce wraps, as well as some yummy chicken and pork recipes. So I jotted some things down and decided to walk to Thriftway to pick up what I needed.

I’m all prepared for my Clean Eating Challenge this coming week, and I’m going to eat like the Clean Eating on a Budget Queen that I am!

I may be in a slump but I am on my way out and thank goodness I’m prepared!!

Bring it on!