7 DayClean Eating Challenge

My good friend and fitness mentor Karen is hosting a 7 Day Clean Eating Challenge starting tomorrow.

I’m all about food challenges because it really gets my body in gear and helps me resist temptation at work or even at the grocery store.

Tonight I planned out my week’s menus. I organized my fridge so I can simply walk up and grab what I want on that day, too. I’m really motivated.

Because I know you all care so deeply, here’s my week’s menu:

Monday- “meatless Monday”
B: goat milk yogurt, honey and granola
Snack: cottage cheese
L: hummus and veggies
Snack: banana
Snack: homemade super clean protein bar
D: veggie and tofu wontons

Tuesday– 20 for Tuesday (I might need to further explain it later but no more than 20 items for the day)
B: breakfast casserole (6)
Snack: cottage cheese and apple (2)
L: chicken and rice pilaf (2)
Snack: homemade protein bar (7)
D: sriracha chicken with brussel sprouts and shallots (3)

Wednesday– Washington Wednesday
B- tazo tea and snoqualmie oats
S- tillamook yogurt with locally made honey and granola
L- smoked salmon
Snack- another yogurt
D: rockfish and potatoes

Thursday: Thirsty Thursday (I learned my lesson last time not to have all meals as smoothies, but this week I’m going to try all my SNACKS as drinks)
B- breakfast casserole
S- juice and fruit smoothie
L- rice pilaf and chicken
S- protein shake
S- spinach shake
D- Cioppino

Off work
B- casserole
L- clean out leftovers
Snacks- cottage cheese, yogurt, and almond milk pudding
D- apricot glaze porkchops

Might be heading to Portland but I’ll have my casserole and a bunch of clean snacks (fruit, apple sauce, etc)
I’ll make Chris and Brent a stew for them to enjoy before I take off too

Worse comes to worse, I’ll bring some extra fruit with me for breakfast and hit a grocery store for lunch and dinner items. But I’m hoping to be at the mercy of my friend, Ann, and we can drink some tasty local wines and enjoy delicious food in each other’s company. I’m not worried about eating clean. I know I can handle it even when away.

See how prepared I am? I’m such a good little girl scout!

Bring on the challenge!!!