To sleep! To dream!

I’m actually late with my post tonight. It’s 8:00 and I like to be off electronics an hour before I go to sleep, and I plan on going to sleep right after my bath/I finish writing this post.

I’m exhausted from not sleeping that well. And while I’m going to bed early, I realize I may not go to sleep early. I’m okay with that. As long as I’m relaxing and resting. I’m getting up early but I plan on getting a full 8 hours of sleep.

Because I’m worth it.

I’ll be dreaming of all the excitement that is heading our way. New beginnings and the world as our oyster. I feel very lucky to have someone like Chris who supports me in every way, in fitness, in health and eating habits, in emotional and mental well being. I can do ANYTHING as long as Chris is with me.
I’ll probably also dream about these absolutely AMAZING wontons I made for Meatless Monday dinner!

Holy Balls!!!!

Good night and thanks for all the fish!

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