Giving back

The video I posted yesterday about Arnold’s 6 rules of success really struck a chord with me, especially his 6th rule- give back.

I have a passion for fitness. No question. And I have a deep passion for conservation. So when I came up with a way to literally meld my two passions, my life became enlightened.

Last week I announced that HR wanted to talk to me about my fitness and how I can fit into their plan to revamp the zoo’s wellness program. Today I got the chance to talk to them and share my ideas and story with them. It went really well and they would like me to share my story with the zoo and possibly have presentations about some of my topics.

I really have no idea what to call my “program”. I’ve tossed around a couple names but the best I can think of is EarthFit.

I have three components of EarthFit.

  1. Connecting to the earth in a healthy way
  2. Eating for a healthy you and a healthy planet
  3. Zookeepers keeping fit

I discuss healthy habits that benefit the environment and our job. And apparently that is exactly what HR wants to share.

Being asked to share my story and my ideas is really a dream come true. When I watched that video last night, I knew that #6 had significance for me. And now I have a perfect opportunity to do just that!

(Sorry my post is so late. I went to a yoga class and then tried to participate in a philosophy class. I made some protein bars and watched a couple episodes of West Wing. I will expand on EarthFit very soon. But I’m excited to say the least)