I swear I’ll probably launch this program and never change the name but I’ll always be uncertain about it.

EarthFit is something I started thinking about last summer. It melds my two passions for fitness and conservation together and each inspires and complements the other. Get fit while saving the earth.

I have three main components to EarthFit that I mentioned yesterday

Connecting to the earth in a healthy way- my inspiration to workout out is strongest in the spring, summer, and early fall. Because getting outside is easier, it’s light outside longer, and the weather is more cooperative. All summer I participated in outdoor bootcamps at playgrounds.

I actually hike all year long. Luckily I live in a state that provides year long accessible trails. Hiking alone is my way of meditating. I’ve tried quiet still meditation in the past and I can’t do it. But when I’m hiking up a mountain by myself, I feel completely at peace and connected.

And when bike season starts, it’s rare to see me drive my car. I feel good riding to my bike to work, to complete errands, or get to the gym. My feeling is doubled because not only am I getting fit, but I’m doing my small part to reduce my carbon footprint.

Another part of this is reusing items to increase your health and fitness. I reused some deflated basketballs to create medicine balls. I made some Heavy weights using cat litter containers. And I’ve used broken rake handles for dowel rods for stretching and warming up.

2) eating for a healthy you and healthy earth-

There are dozens of ways to eat well and do your part to conserve the planet’s resources. Eliminating processed foods and palm oil to save asian wildlife, eating local to reduce carbon footprint, eliminate GMO food, reduce intake of red meat, eating sustainable seafood, ensuring the meat you do eat comes from free range farms and not from factory farms, etc…

I’m going to say this and I often feel afraid someone’s going to steal my idea. It’s absolutely brilliant but it’s going to take me some time to finish it. I want to write a cookbook that incorporates conservation and call it “Poach Eggs, Not Rhinos”. I hope I have some time this year to write it and publish it with proceeds going to conservation projects like Bowling for Rhinos.

3) zookeepers keeping fit-

Jean Ragland touched on why this is important to me after last night’s post. A lot of people assume that with an active job we don’t need to workout as much. This couldn’t be further from the truth. With an active job it’s even that much more important to stay fit to reduce risk of injury and ensure you are able to do your job safely.

So I have incorporated zookeeper bootcamps for a small but fun group of zookeepers to help work on exercises we perform pretty regularly. And if you want to read my post on Operant Conditioning, you may get more ideas on how I work within my field and lifestyle. Always focus on the positive.

That’s EarthFit. Or whatever I decide to call it. Not sure how I want to launch it. Facebook? AAZK? Gyms? Community centers? But I know I need to soon because I’m so motivated to do it.

Goodnight. Have a great weekend. Don’t let the hard work from this week go to waste. Stay good to yourself and others!