Today I traveled to Portland to visit a friend I haven’t seen in a while and go to the zoo. I’ll be here until Monday and probably not have a whole lot of opportunity to go to a gym, and eating habits may falter a little bit.

So last night I prepared what I could for the journey food wise and today I did a double workout before departing. I’ll walk around the zoo a lot so I know I’ll get some exercise in but it won’t quite be the same as a full workout.

I made my protein bars (I know a few people have asked for the recipe and one of these days I’ll get around to actually taking measurements of ingredients and write that all down… Right now I throw ingredients together until it “seems about right”.) Anywhos, I made my protein bars, a couple protein shakes, and brought tons of clean and healthy(er) snacks for the trip. This way I can eat clean on the road, and I’ll also save some dough by not buying an expensive lunch at the zoo.

I brought some special gifts for my friend, and the zookeeper I’m meeting at the zoo.
And I brought my iPad and both chargers so I won’t end up with dead technology and no way to communicate with friends.

I even showed how great of a wife I am by putting food out for the hubby. I made a beef stew for him that should last through tomorrow (although if you’ve met the man, you’ll know it probably lasted through tonight and tomorrow the poor neglected husband will STARVE).

I did all this to prepare for my weekend away just for myself.

Got the food. Got the gifts. Took care of my wellness and fitness. Took care of my hubby even. Know what I forgot?

My fracking clothes!