Poach Eggs, Not Rhinos

Today I met with the Conservation Committee to go over applications for the conservation grant our chapter gives out twice a year. And after our meeting I started talking about an idea I’ve had for a little while (maybe just under or over a year)- a conservation cookbook!

Along with EarthFit, this book incorporates the best of my two passions- health/wellness and protecting the planet. It would be like almost every other cookbook, with health focused recipes, but there would also be a strong focus on conservation issues, like Palm Oil, sustainable seafood, cutting your carbon footprint with your meals, even talking about Chopsticks for Salamanders. (What’s Chopsticks for Salamanders? Funny you should ask! It’s a program to encourage patrons to asian cuisine restaurants to bring their own chopsticks or for the restaurants to change over to reusable chopsticks- the wooden sticks at most restaurants are resulting in deforestation of an endangered species of salamander. )

I have a ton of recipes I can use.

  • Pattie’s Perfect Protein Bars
  • Blackened salmon
  • Hawaiian chicken
  • Lactose free cream of mushroom soup
  • Clean(er) no bake cookies
  • Sweet potato hashbrowns
  • Breakfast casseroles
  • Poached egg marinara dinner
  • Bacon recipes
  • Quinoa chicken salad
  • Protein shakes

I have dozens of ideas.

Still not sure how or when this cookbook would happen but it’s one of those “big ideas” that I’ve been wanting to do, and now that I’ve put it out into the universe, I have an obligation to see it through.

And who knows, I might soon have a LOT of free time on my hands!

Poach Eggs, Not Rhinos- eating your way to a begetter you and a healthier earth.