Riding a Bike to Nowhere

I tried out a new class I haven’t done in a LONG time- Spinning. This was a new class for me at Experience Momentum. I’ve taken a class (or two or three) with the instructor Matthew. So I wanted to try his CycleFit since I get to try each of the classes for free.

I also got to check out Experience Momentum’s new facility, and all I can say is WOW! Talk about impressive. Very classy, spacey, and organized. They have separate space for physical therapy, consultations, massage, and group classes. Looks amazing! I’m so happy for all of them!

Back to spinning. It was good. Good cardio, especially after a month of non-cardio. But my knees were bothering me a little which lessened the fun for me. But it also got me itching to ride my bike for real. I know I should get my knee better but I really enjoy the thrill of the ride.

Maybe either tomorrow or Saturday I’ll ride my bike from a park and ride to la fitness or experience momentum. A little longer than parking in the North Lot at the zoo and riding to work. But not a long ride like I normally bike.

I like getting back in the game. I hope to be 100% next week and I might even have a buddy to workout with!