Today was my first day on my new team. I was given a pass today as I’m not there tomorrow and Tuesday. So I got to play with goats, donkeys, pigs, chickens, and sheep. Wednesday I return for more formal training. And I really do feel better about the move now that I’ve gone there and worked with them.

Training isn’t as centrally focused with the farm animals as it is with previous animals I’ve worked with, but I am still impressed with the potential. Chickens following the trainer around outside running back and forth. Socializing goats to get used to the contact yard that opens in May. Training goats and sheep to get on a scale.

I know the first couple weeks are the honeymoon period. But I hope the feeling lasts at least a month…
I hope I gain a bit more motivation from this move, my eating habits have gotten a little wonky, and my desire to get up and moving has dwindled. I still don’t write more than these posts on a daily basis and I sometimes feel too tired and exhausted to even read a little while in bed. It’s pretty frustrating but again I think this change will bring so much of what I was proud of back in business.

I’ve already gotten more motivation to commit to working out. And I feel good about the foods I bought this past week.

Now I’m going to sign off and go back to texting my BFF who is sitting right next to me while watching “West Wing”.

Good night!