Alcohol free for a week

I’ll keep this short so I can try to focus on day 70.

I wasn’t doing it consciously for a health challenge but I realized it gone over a week without drinking alcohol. I’ve had an incredibly stressful week and I haven’t been eating great or working out like I should (or as intensely as I should), but one thing I didn’t do was get shit-faced or forget my problems with alcohol. And considering how much I love tequila, this is saying a lot.

I like alcohol. I like having fancy fru-fru drinks with friends or an occasional glass of wine with dinner. But I also recognize that alcohol is t going to make me fitter. It isn’t going to help that tremendously with my problems of I’ve had a bad day or conflict. It doesn’t help me be more creative or more motivated. I just like it on occasion.

I think it’s actually important for me to recognize this. There are so many habits we have that we do because it feels good or because we THINK it helps but it really doesn’t.

So here’s a toast to a new and better you. By the way, that’s a glass of water I’m holding up! To your health!