Day 7:
Rest Day
Rest days (insert teenage emo eye roll here).
I don’t enjoy rest days. Not gonna lie. I rarely take a full intentional actual rest day. I enjoy active recovery- swimming, Bootcamp, PiYo. But to take a day where I don’t work out at all and let my muscles take a breather? Don’t do it nearly as often as I should.
But I took one today. And I’m going to take one next week, and the week after that. Because doing the Wendler program (also known as 5-3-1) EXHAUSTS my muscles! And my body is TIRED! And if I take today off, then my body can recover from tearing and building muscle, and then I can bust ass and kill the rest of the week. And that is way more important than “getting a workout for the sake of working out”.
Eat clean.
Train mean.
Act green.

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