Eat Your Veggies

Again, I realized tonight I picked up a healthy habit unintentionally.

So I have an app that counts the servings of veggies you eat and will pay you (like pennies per serving but still) if you meet your goal. Today I wanted to see if I could get something like half my goal in one day. And I did.

I ate real food and a serving of veggies or fruit with every meal. And I’m even pleased with the placement of each serving throughout the day. I really gave myself great fuel o help me through through my workday and my evening workout.

Here was my menu for the day

  • Breakfast- egg white omelette with pepper and tomato and sweet potato hashbrowns (omg, were those GOOD!)
  • Snack- two pears and chicken pepperoni stick
  • Lunch- out to lunch with a co-worker, but still managed to eat healthy! Chicken and broccoli at Chinese restaurant.
  • Snack- goat milk yogurt with honey and mixed berries
  • Dinner- bison steaks with asian braised Bok choy.

I had a ton of good food today and my body totally feels it! The really great thing to me is I really didn’t even intentionally think about eating so good, I just wanted to see how many servings of veggies I could get.

Healthy habit achieved!

Next challenge? Week long without processed or refined sugar. God help us! Starts Sunday or Monday.

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