Three Things

I really like it when I can’t decide what to write about and I end up writing about all this incredible stuff that happened to me or I accomplished. Today was definitely one of those days!

It was my first solo day at the Family Farm. It went so smooth I almost wanted to double check EVERYTHING to make sure, because I MUST have missed something! But I was trained well, and I have faith in Diane as well as me. She really did a great job showing me all the little things, too. Like the compressor. She warned me yesterday that the it comes on at random times and it’s really loud and will scare the hell out of you. So, today, I’m in the bathroom and I hear this incredibly jaunting noise. It startled me but I immediately thought, oh, that must be the compressor! If she hadn’t warned me yesterday, I would have crapped myself. I have to think of an appropriate way to thank her (I gave her a zoo buck). But the animals were all incredibly cooperative. I got some goat love and got to yell “Hay, ewes!” at the sheep. And I officially met Mike, one of the other keepers on the West Team who helps out with family farm once in a while. He’s probably the real reason everything ran smoothly. But it was a decent day. A very decent day!

Also was able to hold Bootcamp for the first time in ages! And because it’s been so nice, we held it outside. And because tomorrow is St Patrick’s Day, I wrote up a themed workout (you all know how much I LOVE themed workouts!). It was fantastical! Can’t wait for Thursday! Hiking with my So!Much!Fun! Crew (I hope you can make it, Alyssa ). And next week Bootcamp! And working out with Alyssa and maybe Kim at their gym.

Finally, I am patting myself on the back for an incredible job well done! So it’s Meatless Monday, and I planned on us having eggs with grilled pepper and onion in a marinara sauce. Perfect, right? Well, im also participating inKaren‘s Kick Sugar for 7 Days challenge and just as I was going to open the marinara, I saw in the ingredients it has sugar. Crap! No worries! I instead puréed tomatoes and added spices to make my own sauce. And you know what? It was AWESOME!

By the way, Karen, I also bought ingredients to make my own granola and I’m super stoked! Especially with a majority of the ingredients being locally sourced. Wednesday is going to rock!

What oh what will tomorrow bring?

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