Good day for a ride

Weather was fantastic out here, so I rode my bike to work today.

Always nervous the first couple times I ride to work. Will my knees hold up? Roads and traffic. Making sure I give myself ample time.

And a little wary parking my car for the day in public spots.

My knees did great. Better than great. Can’t wait to do a full ride. Because my knees were amazingly awesome!!!

Traffic was normal. Had to dodge a couple cars that pulled out too far. Roads were great.
Got to work with five minutes to spare.

I knew the last fear was bound to happen. Someone smashed my passenger side window while I was at work. Unfortunately for the would be thieves, the only thing I left in my car was trash and Bootcamp equipment. What? You didn’t want my makeshift bucket kettlebells? Or my boat fender sand bag? Those things can be super expensive! Technically, the thieves left hundreds of dollars of sporting goods.

But let’s focus on the positive. I had an amazing ride. Just never parking at that lot ever again.

Wanna go for a ride?