Doing work by just sitting there

I pushed myself the last couple days. More than I have all month.

5 mile tough hike on Thursday, and an hour workout on machines working muscles I haven’t touched in months. Today i was sore as hell!

I decided to take my workout time tonight to relax my muscles a bit. I sat in the hot tub for roughly a half hour (I think the limit is 15, whoops). But I sat in front of a jet and worked around to ensure my shoulders were hit, knees, quads, and glutes.

When I felt I was good and hot tubbed, I dried off and hit the sauna.

I really do need more practice in getting comfortable being uncomfortable, because I couldn’t last longer than 8 minutes in the sauna. I think I could increase my stamina there, but I’ll take the 8 minutes for now.

I feel pretty relaxed now. I fixed an amazing dinner of ahi tuna. I think the breakfast casserole I made might be the absolute best one I’ve made all year. And tomorrow is going to be a lovely day (even if it’s raining).

Is t it great to relax?