Coming down from my sugar high

Last week I did a 7-day sugar free challenge. I practiced abstinence in the strictest sense, because I’ve already reduced a huge amount of sugar from my diet.

But I realized how much I use things with sugar in them as my guilty pleasure or crave busters. And for today, I *may* have overdosed a little. And not in a healthy way….

But I took care of myself in many other ways.

I worked out this morning and even chatted with one of the class members after. She used to go to the Ymca but for cost reasons she switched to lala land. LA doesn’t have the community that the Y has, but maybe with more people with that mentality, we can make it more of a supportive community.

I also went to the doctor for my eye. It’s completely swollen now and looks absolutely horrible, but apparently it’s not as bad as I feared. At least I don’t have a contagious infection. Just need to stay away from dust and hay for a couple days.


I’m going to take care of myself tomorrow. I’m still going to work out with PiYo, and I’ll get some work related items finished at home- a new aazk article, behavioral husbandry committee commitments, personal training course, or EarthFit blog for work. Plenty of things to do, all good for my psychology and keeps me healthy.

Maybe I’ll get some sleep eventually after the sugar gets out of my system.

I think I’m good on sugar for the rest of the week.