Learning to dive

Back in the day I was an avid scuba diver. I mean, it was my job. I dove 2-3 hours five days a week. It was pure joy for me. Diving was as natural to me as walking.

It still kinda is. Unfortunately it’s been almost 7 years since I’ve sucked air out of a regulator and no one, and I mean NO ONE will let me dive with them.

Which, don’t get me wrong. I totally understand. I mean it’s been SEVEN YEARS. All the improvements and updates could have completely changed the game for me in that time. But I really have missed diving.

So for my birfday (which was back in November, don’t worry you didn’t just miss it or anything), Chris gave me a gift card for a refresher scuba diving course. So I can get refreshed and up to date and start diving again. Provided I find a buddy…

So why am I talking about it tonight? Well, fast forward four months from my birthday and I finally got around to getting the refresher manual read and finished. Finally. Now I need to schedule a refresher date with the dive shop. Within the next month. That won’t be so hard, will it? Right?

In other areas of improving my life for me, I also redeemed my groupon to get my personal training certification. It’s online so it should be pretty convenient. I’m not doing it to change careers or anything.

Mainly I’m doing it to give myself more credence when approaching HR or the zoo for backing about having me be involved in wellness program, or carry more weight when I’m advising other keepers about exercise and injuries. But it will always be in my back pocket. Not that I would want that, but it’ll be there.

So I have a bunch of things I WANT to do, like the personal trainer certification, and writing, and cooking….

So on my days off, I am giving myself a schedule. Not a strict schedule as such, but amount of time I commit to spending on at least one day of my weekend.

  • 2 hours personal training certification
  • 2 hours cooking/prepping meals
  • 1 hour writing articles, presentations, blogs
  • 1 hour (not including travel time, if applicable) working out

Sticking to this will help me accomplish a LOT of my goals. And I’m not limited to the time, that’s just the minimum. If I’m writing and I get into a good stride, I’m not going to stop bc my hour is up. It let my food burn bc it’s been two hours and I stop cooking.

My weekends are about to get way more productive!

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