101 Things to do with Bamboo

I’ve been wanting to write an article for AAZK’s journal Animal Keepers Forum for a while now. Like, a couple of years, ever since I got published for my boat bumper enrichment article. I was going to write about all the different and exciting ways I utilize bamboo stalks for enrichment and hopefully ignite discussion and sharing of more ideas, calling it 101 Things to do with Bamboo. Of course I don’t have 101 ideas, not even close, but how awesome would it be if other zookeepers started sending me their ideas and I reached 101?

I’m starting to really push myself to start achieving not just my fitness goals but my career and writing goals too. Since I didn’t go to work today (see my personal posts about my eye), I decided to try and be productive in other ways. I read a couple chapters online for my personal trainer certification, another section of my scuba refresher, and wrote my article, or at least my first draft of the article. And I went through all my photos to get some pics of my bamboo enrichment in action (which took me forever hence why this post is so late).

My first draft stinks. They usually do. But some of you are going to receive the second draft for you to gaze upon and help critique it far better than my husband does.

Please be honest but kind (Stephanie, Susan ,Alyssa).

It’s feeling pretty good to get all these fantastic projects completed. I don’t feel like I’m wasting my day. And I even got a full workout in this afternoon too.

Tomorrow is my weekend, and thankfully my eye is significantly better. Still need the hubby to help with the ointment (how the hell my doctor could remotely consider I should do that myself is beyond me). But I should be 100% by Saturday. Thank goodness. Plus I bought some nifty safety goggles. I don’t care if I look ridiculous (which I won’t, I’ll look smart and safe), I can’t wait to wear them!

I have some fun plans in store- haircut (and a real job), and comedy club. All for my health!