Laughter, as medicine

Tonight we went to a comedy club to redeem a groupon I got late last year. The last time we went to this spot, we laughed so hard we cried at the headliner, but I had a feeling tonight was going to be hit or miss. Still, we had some good laughs, and it got us out of the house.

I like a good laugh. Watching these comedians reminded me of an insanely funny program I watched on Netflix a while back. I’m sure it’s still there- Jim Gaffigan: Mr. Universe. Haven’t heard such great jokes since Dennis Leary’s No Cure for Cancer. “Blub. Ber”.

But the one problem with going out at night, even for something fun and fulfilling, is you get home late. So I’m pretty tired. Time to go to bed and sleep like an adult without any kids.