Get a haircut, and get a real job!

It’s my weekend so it’s errand day. Groceries. Make some home-gym equipment (I’m particularly proud of the “I heart emoticon bacon” med ball I made forChris Topher). Cooking. And some “me” time.
Today, I decided it’s been too long since I’ve done something about my hair. I’ll be honest, whenever I’m thinking of getting my hair done, I seriously contemplate doing something drastic. Long ago, back when I worked at SeaWorld, I kept my hair SHORT. And I’m always tempted to go back. But a few things always keep me from going through with the idea.

1) I’m pretty sure it’s a deal breaker with my marriage. I told Chris he’s not allowed to shave his beard, so I’m pretty sure that goes for my hair.

2) I wouldn’t be able to wear my funky hair ties for years

3) I have to keep it short bc otherwise it gets to this obnoxious annoying length that I can’t do anything with and just gets in my way.

So I contemplated big change, and ended up with….

The same.

Maybe when life settles down. Mermaid hair? I think I could pull it off.

But even the two inches feels better. There honestly isn’t any difference but I feel a little lighter, figuratively. I have a little spring in my step, and I feel a little more ready to face the world better.

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