Chiropractic Kitteh kneads you

I work out and lift weights to make my job a little easier on myself. But sometimes that honestly isn’t going to be enough.

I do what I can to take care of all my physical needs. I have crappy knees, so I make sure I do my exercises prescribed by my PT. I get an eye infection, I go to the doctor to get it taken care of. My job is hard on my back and stress builds up in my neck and shoulders, so even though I workout, a visit to the chiropractor is sometimes exactly what I need.

Who else absolutely loves that ride krispie sound when you get adjusted? Oh, it’s just me?

My adjustment came with a massage too (oh yeah!) so it wasn’t JUST a torture session.

Taking care of myself 101. Next appointment is my wellness exam. And hopefully a dive physical. I’m getting back to a groove, me thinks.