Tofu Wontons

October 1st is World Vegetarian Day.  In the spirit of eating less meat, I decided to fix one of my favorite vegetarian dishes, tofu wontons.  These are easy to fix, but I unfortunately don’t know how to make a SMALL batch, so it can be somewhat time consuming if you are making more than 10.

tofu wontons

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Animal Scavenger Hunt

I’ve been wanting to try this animal scavenger hunt for a workout ever since I attempted to do it with the kids I worked with at the Day Camp.  It wasn’t as successful with the children as I had hoped (until I added water balloons as an incentive), but I thought it might be fun in a group workout.

There are a dozen ways this workout could be run.  Today, I decided to write up “clues” about different animals on our whiteboard, then place the corresponding animal cards throughout the park.  animal scavenger hunt

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Learning to Fly

Earlier this month, I received a rude awakening.  All summer, I had been preparing and fine-tuning my presentation for this project that has become near and dear to my heart.  My chosen venue to debut EarthFit was the International Congress of Zookeepers in Germany.  To me, sharing this program with the zookeeper community was a no-brainer.  EarthFit had been developed while I was a zookeeper, and it had truly benefited me as a zookeeper. Continue reading Learning to Fly

EarthFit: Awakening the Passion for Fitness and Conservation

There is an incredible amount of passion residing within me. It seems obvious that I would have such strong infatuation for animals and nature, given my career of choice. A hankering for these particular areas were awoken and nurtured from an early age. Growing up, I jumped at every opportunity to increase my knowledge and experience with wildlife and their environments. As my admiration for nature grew, so did a third, very prominent obsession: conservation. The more I learned about my favorite animals, and the more I studied nature, the more I wanted to do everything in my power to protect both. More than one person can relate to this story, I’m sure. Continue reading EarthFit: Awakening the Passion for Fitness and Conservation

Grow Your Own Health

Right after Chris and I moved to Portland, I planted my garden in pots on my deck. It’s a small garden, but it was one small thing I wanted to do to reduce costs and hopefully my waist with fresh veggies and herbs.

I planted seeds, and patiently waited for them to show their beautiful little “faces”.

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