Find Your Sacred Space

This past month has really been sending me signals to work on Experience Nature segment of my book, specifically in the area of Find Your Sacred Space. Because all this month I have been inundated with events and incidents revolving around my love of the ocean. Tonight was no different. I watched a movie that literally broke my heart. It’s called “Chasing Coral” and if you have Netflix, do not saunter to your television or computer. I urge you to run. RUN! And watch this important documentary before it’s too late. Continue reading Find Your Sacred Space

Back in my Element

This weekend has been a great reminder of how powerful finding one’s sacred space for fitness can be. I participated in two activities over the weekend that got me back in my element. And I can’t wait to return, again and again and again. Continue reading Back in my Element

The MacGyver Factor


I’ve often referred to zookeepers as the MacGyvers of the professional world.  I can’t think of any other profession where employees routinely think quick on their feet, respond immediately to issues, and utilize resources the way zookeepers do.  We are innovative, creative, and inventive, the Ravenclaws for the Care of Truly Magical Creatures.  This resourcefulness I learned in the animal care field has helped me more times than I can count, as a zookeeper, as a writer, as a fitness enthusiast, and as a conservationist. Continue reading The MacGyver Factor

Level Up My Life- How I Write!

I’ve become engrossed in a book very similar to my concept of “Zookeeper’s Guide to Fitness”.  I thought reading a book with the same ideas as my own would cave my motivation, as I feared someone beat me to the punch, but actually I feel quite the opposite.   I am motivated and stoked to share another program with just a few subtle differences, to reinforce the first one.  They are on the right track, and I love what they are doing with fitness and achieving goals.  I am bringing more to the table.
Continue reading Level Up My Life- How I Write!

Gratitude List, Week 4

Not wanting to end my streak of writing a gratitude list after 4 weeks, I waited until the last day to accomplish it.

Brian Johnson from Optimize Me (get used to me referencing him) talks about more than just gratitude for things in your life, we should also celebrate other people’s accomplishments and ways they have helped.  That is, supposedly, a deeper form of gratitude. Continue reading Gratitude List, Week 4

New Hopes

I am still reeling from the election.  I feel stuck between my promise to leave the country if this particular candidate was elected, and “fighting the good fight” as my close friends are urging me.  On one hand, Chris and I have wanted to move to another country for a very long time.  I mean, since before we ever left Florida!  Our first choice was always England, but others have come in near and dear to our hearts- New Zealand (although it’s SUPER far away and that is a strong strike against it), Ireland (even though we can’t understand a word anyone says there), and Iceland.  We’ve also considered Canada, but we’re not sure if it’s the right place for us as it’s still right next door to the United States… Continue reading New Hopes