100 Ways of Fitness Day 22

Day 22:
Drink up, me hearties!
I’ll admit, water consumption is not my strong suit!
So any help on this endeavor to keep myself hydrated and reap all the benefits of drinking water I’m all ears! Or eyes. Or whatever.
But some of these muddled infusions sound downright tasty!
I have one that I use that I really like too- cucumber, lemon, ginger, mint, and strawberries. I’ve also tried a lime and cilantro infusion that wasn’t too shabby either.
Do you have a favorite water infusion? Let us know!


Having trouble drinking your daily water requirements?
Each of these recipes make 2 quarts.

10. ALL CITRUS – Slice 1 orange, 1 lime, 1 lemon into rounds, then cut the rounds in half. Add to jar and proceed with muddling, add ice & water….

9. RASPBERRY LIME – Quarter 2 limes; with your hands, squeeze the juice into the jar, then throw in the squeezed lime quarters. Add 2 cups raspberries. Muddle, add ice & water.

8. PINEAPPLE MINT — Add a sprig of mint to the jar (you can throw in the whole sprig; or, remove the leaves from the sprig, if you prefer to have the mint swimming around and distributing in the jar). Muddle the mint. Add 2 cups pineapple pieces, muddle, add ice & water.

7. BLACKBERRY SAGE — Add sage sprig to jar and muddle. Add 2 cups blackberries; muddle, add ice & water.

6. WATERMELON ROSEMARY — Add rosemary sprig to jar & muddle. Add 2 cups watermelon cubes; muddle, add ice and water.

5. CUCUMBER, LEMON & MINT — Add a sprig of mint to the jar and muddle. Add 1/2 sliced cucumber & 1 sliced lemon; muddle, add ice & water.

4. ORANGE PINEAPPLE — Add 1 sliced orange and 2 cups of pineapple chunks to the jar; muddle, add ice and water.

3. LEMON LAVENDER — Add 1 sprig of lavender to the jar, muddle. Add 1 sliced lemon, muddle, add ice and water.

2. STRAWBERRY MINT – Add a sprig of mint to the jar and muddle. Add 2 cups sliced strawberries, muddle, add ice and water.

1. GOOD OL’ FASHIONED LEMON WATER – Add 2-3 sliced lemons to a jar. Muddle, then add ice and water.

I hope these recipes inspire you to keep up that water intake, it’s one of the most basic things you can do to improve your health!

100 Ways of Fitness Day 21

Day 21
Reset button on your day
Last night was rough. That’s basically the understatement of the year, but I’ll just warm up my talk with that tidbit. I mean, DO NOT TALK TO ME. DO NOT TOUCH ME. Rough.

So this morning I woke up still very much upset bc nothing had gotten resolved last night. I went to bed not just angry, but infuriated. Dreams when you’re angry are not helpful either, btw.

I skipped my morning workout and did a couple chores around the apartment and relaxed a little longer than usual but left for work with plenty of time, but none of that helped my mood either.

I envisioned going to workout after my shift and I got knots. Just do deadlifts on my own and ignore the elephant in the room? Talk to others? Gah!

I tried to focus on the job at hand. That usually helps a lot because when you deal with 8000 lb animals you really need to FOCUS! But 10:00 rolled around and the drama I knew that was waiting at home weighed down heavily. And the situation at work does not help one get in a better mood at all (if you really want to know details, pm me, bc I don’t like talking about it on Facebook or social media in general). Morale is really at an all time low. So trying to push through the emotions wasn’t working either.

By 11:30, I knew staying at work wasn’t going to do me any good. Which is a shame because it used to help get me out of a funk. I mean, cmon! I play with fracking ELEPHANTS! But today was no go, so I went home for the afternoon.

It was on my way home and stopping by the store to purchase my sonicare and floss picks that I realized this action was very good for my mental well being but also my physical wellness too. I was completely bogged down. Very emotional. And ready to duke it out and finish this crap so I could move on.

So I came home and we talked. And talked. And talked.

The relationship I have with my husband right now is so different than our relationship of even just 3 years ago. We would never have been so confident with each other before. We would never have talked so calmly and candidly. We would never have been so open or honest. I will admit, this relationship is WAY better!!!! WAY!!!!!!! BETTER!!!!!

We got everything out on the table and we had a concrete resolution. And it felt like a enormous rock was lifted off my chest and I could breathe again.

A couple hours later, we are laughing together and I decided to get ready to do the WOD.

Perusing Facebook I came across an entry in this group that helped me figure out what going home was for me. It was me deciding to reset today and start over.

I KILLED the WOD. It was a team WOD, and I paired with the two fittest, and strongest people there. So I knew I’d have to give it my all to keep up. And I did! And we rocked out with 7 rounds!

If you are having a day, don’t be afraid to hit the reset button! It’s a mental lifesaver and will do your body good!




100 Ways of Fitness Day 19.5

Day 19.5
Wellness isn’t just doing good for your body
I have a confession to make. While I work hard to take care of my body, I do a horrible job of taking care of something I am actually deeply concerned about- my smile.
Today I had a dentist appointment to fix a cracked tooth I received last month. I really don’t like the dentist. I mean my dentist is really nice and awesome, but I’d rather visit my gynecologist for my yearly exam than have someone prodding around in my mouth for over an hour. Siriusly.
But I don’t take care of my teeth good enough. I brush them twice a day but God knows how long it’s been since I’ve flossed. I only use mouth wash when I’m about to kiss chris or after eating garlic or onions.
I have created such horrible dental hygiene habits and gotten away with them for so long that it’s hitting our finances hard now that I’ve had to have 5 root canals in four years. And it STILL hasn’t changed my habits. Something has to change here, folks. And you are the perfect group to help me do it!
I wasn’t going to pass on writing about tooth health bc I don’t do it well, but then I realized if I post this and write about this as something I need to work on, then I’ll have 20-30 folks reading this that will expect me to improve on this habit. And that will motivates to DO SOMETHING!
Damn accountability group!
I go back in two weeks for the crown and then I set up my cleaning for mid April. Yes our challenge will be done but my goal is for them to say they can tell a difference between my visit today and three months from now.
Challenge accepted!

100 Ways of Fitness Day 19

Day 19
The perfect balance
When I’m planning my meals I try to load heavy on the protein. Why? Because most food I eat, even if clean, healthy, and nutritious, tends to be fairly carb dense. I don’t log all my meals at once, so it’s sometimes difficult to know exactly where I’m going to end up. I’d say 90% of the time my carbs and fats are way higher than I would like or was trying for.
Right now I’m trying to gain muscle and I’m doing a LOT of strength training. So my body needs way more protein than when I was trying to lose weight. Those workouts required more carbs for energy. But with muscle building, I need the protein, so a recommended percentage for diet is 40% carbs, 40% protein, and 20% fat. This is usually way harder than it sounds.
But today I did it! This is especially noteworthy because today was also Meatless Monday, so ALL my protein was non-meat based. I had eggs for breakfast, greek plain yogurt with some honey, made paleo mini pumpkin pies and added pumpkin protein to the recipe, edamame and cottage cheese for lunch, cottage cheese and pear for pre workout snack, and then devoured a portion of tofurkey for dinner with veggies. And I achieved a perfect 40/40/20!
You are welcome to pat me on the back!
Now I just hope to get my breakfast balance figured out so I get out the door with more workout energy!




100 Ways of Fitness Day 18

Day 18
All work and no play makes Pattie a dull girl.
I had a play day today! No workout (rest day) and no food restrictions (off day). And an invitation to a Puzzle Break for a good friend’s birthday! Oh what fun!
So I thought this experience was going to be just a fun night out, not necessarily brainless fun, but just a bunch of us hanging out trying to get out of a room by solving puzzles. I didn’t realize I was going to get a total mental workout! I also assumed we would get out of the room within an hour. We really did work well together. Maybe we had one or two instances of unclear communication but the twelve of us really did work well together and we got pretty far. Did I mention the brain exercises? It was like Crossfit for the mind! We were all mentally exhausted afterward. So we finished our night at a bar called the Unicorn where they served Unicorn Jizz (I am not joking) and unicorn droppings. Which were delicious!
I’m glad I took this kind of off day! I still worked on my fitness- social and cranial.
What are some of your favorite fun things to do when you need an off day?


100 Ways of Fitness Day 17

Day 17:
Shopping clean and (mostly) green
One of my goals for this year is to eat clean throughout the year. I have to admit it’s easier said than done. Processed foods are everywhere and reading labels gets time consuming and annoying. To put it mildly.
But I did it. Well…..mostly. I’ll give myself the credit for doing it even though we bought Fiber One cereal. I count it because it’s 100% for Chris only and I let him buy it under immense protest.
Once I get the hang of buying clean, I’m going to start challenging myself to buy green. Start watching not just what I’m eating, but where I’m eating and look at purchasing and eating as local as possible.
Here is what I got today:
Goat cheese
Almond milk
Turkey bacon
Local eggs
Bananas (from fracking Ecuador but $0.39 a pound? Stop it)
More potatoes
Sweet potatoes
Bok choy
Opal apples
Local coffee
Frozen blueberries
Smoked salmon
Swedish pancake mix
Cottage cheese
Coconut milk creamer
I’m looking forward to food opportunities this week!



100 Ways of Fitness Day 16

Day 16
Experience New Momentum
I love trying new things. It’s fine if it doesn’t work out or if I don’t like it, but I think it’s really good for me to trying new things.
Experience Momentum isn’t technically a new thing for me, but it is different from my normal routine and it’s becoming a highlight of my week. Even when these sessions are over, I may come back because they offer physical therapy.
This is a place I honestly can’t say enough good things about Experience Momentum. The trainers are encouraging and personable. They have an array of interesting and useful equipment. Fun classes. And then there’s the 1% for the planet. And this sustainability corner with environmental tips for being healthy. It’s like they probed my brain and picked out all the fitness and environmental aspects and combined them to create their facility.
So I’ve just been reinforced for trying new things. I have four training sessions and five group classes (7 if you count the 2 free classes I’ll get for trying out- they let you try each of their classes for free). And after that I’ll have to figure out how to get my EM fix.


100 Ways of Fitness Day 15

Day 15:
Get off your phone!!!!!
Yes, I would seem like a day behind. But I’m not. I’ll post day 16 later tonight.
Yesterday and today I turned off my Facebook and focused on me. This was probably one of the most liberating things I could do and I think it helped me achieve more than I normally do. I would see the number of notifications creeping up and up and many times I was tempted just to see what might be important, but let’s be honest. It’s Facebook! It ain’t important!
My journey to physical fitness has paid off and I’m seeing positive results from all the hard work I put into it. Now, especially now with the things going on in my life that I can’t control and are causing me anguish, I want to start focusing on my mental fitness and well being. Turning off my stupid phone is one incredibly small but effective step to working towards that.
Another goal this hits is part of Karen Petersen‘s Army of 100. My goals in life. One is to stop caring so flipping much what people think about me. I don’t mean to go around doing whatever the hell I want, just stop worrying what people might say behind my back, or if they think my socks are stupid, or if they think my acne is horrible. And this was actually a huge step towards accomplishing that aspect!
I felt so much better taking yesterday off facebook that I stayed off of it all day today too. I checked my email and played a few games but even with the notifications creeping into the twenties, I stayed away. And even now, I checked to see if anyone sent me anything personally that might warrant a response and left the rest. This is really good! I’m going to try to do this more and more. I think I’ll be pleased with my attitude and outlook.
More to come later!
Hope everyone is ready for the weekend!

100 Ways of Fitness Day 14

Day 14
A bad case of the Fuck-its
I have had to start this post over three times because I’m trying to be positive but I’m having a helluva shitty time right now and I’m suffering from several setbacks- at work, with my fitness and goals, and even some personal things.
And all those positive sayings have passed through the first two drafts but today they just sound super fake. “A setback is just a set-up for a comeback” or “Fall 7 times, stand up 8”. Say that to me right now and I’ll smack those sayings right out of you.
Actually, I could really use some outside encouragement. My motivation to keep going is still there, I’m just experiencing setbacks.
I won’t go into the work issues. Maybe I’ll talk about some of it when certain challenges are resolved or when I figure some things out. But I can talk about my fitness setbacks.
While I realize I’m in a much better spot than this time last year, I feel I’m not where I should be (Siriusly not in the mood to hear “you are where you are supposed to be”). But more than that, I’ve regressed a bit and my confidence is flailing. Last month I did a 25 inch box jump. This week, I have fallen twice while trying to jump onto a 15-18 inch box. Tonight I actually hurt my shin. Luckily I wear long socks and use bumper plates otherwise my leg would have been fracked! Some of these PRs and milestones are 95% getting over mental blocks and when I’ve failed twice in one week at something that should be fine for me, my confidence plummets.
I did find something that felt like providence. “Beat Stress with Strength”. Why do I get the feeling this book will get read way before my Book Club selection “Omnivore’s Dilemma”?
I know this feeling and this funk will pass. But can I just wallow and fuck it all for a couple of days?






100 Ways of Fitness Day 13

Day 13

Getting fit? There’s an app for that!

It has been proven that logging your food and tracking your fitness progress provides more positive results. And I can’t argue with that. When I was doing Biggest Loser, I was using an app called LoseIt to track all my meals. I was consistently anal retentive about logging each and every item, also. And I always stayed below my calorie allowance. So I lost weight. It was right in front of me. Nowadays I use MyFitnessPal, and I’m not as adamant as I was during Biggest Loser because I’m not trying to lose weight anymore, but it’s still a great habit to keep track of your food intake. MyFitnessPal is great because it’ll show you a perfect little pie chart of your macronutrients (fat, carbs, and protein) which is what I am trying to pay more attention to. You can also log your water and exercise, which is mildly helpful but not the greatest method for me remembering to drink enough.

MyFitnessPal and LoseIt are probably two of the most popular fitness/healthy eating apps out there. But I’d like to share two other apps I’ve been using lately that I really enjoy too.
Pact app is neat because you can actually earn money for doing healthy things. You tell the app how many times you’ll go to the gym, log food, and eat a serving of fruit and veggies and if you meet your goal, you earn money. It goes into your PayPal account so you can use it for almost anything. It’s not paying you $20 a week or anything, but in the past couple of months I’ve earned over $23 just for doing healthy things. It’s not perfect though and i do have issue with their punishment approach to your not meeting your weekly goal. You can dispute it, but if you miss your pact, you are charged $5 for each missed item! That’s ridiculous but I realize if they are paying out money, they have to make up for it somehow. But losing $5 is enough of a motivator for me to do my best to remember to check in at the gym, take photos of my veggies/fruit, and log my food daily (It connects to MyFitnessPal so you don’t have to log your food twice). Again, not perfect but somewhat motivating if you are good at remembering to use your phone.

My recent favorite app is Hubbub. Mainly because Hubbub runs on the same philosophy as this group. Do small things every day that will add up to a healthier and better you. And I think it helps create good habits, in a positive and community supportive atmosphere. You sign up for different challenges in five categories: Move (exercise), Nourish (eating habits), Rewind (small habits like flossing and journaling), Mingle (being social), and Balance (relaxing habits like yoga and what not). I’m currently involved in. 12 challenges. They range from supplement/vitamins to journaling to working out at least 20 minutes a day to doing jumping jacks everyday to logging your food. See? Little things that add up! Just like this group! (Facebook 100 ways of fitness) No wonder I love it so much right now!

Right now is one of those times I wish I was tech savvy so I could see if it was possible to attach links to the apps so you could see how they work, but all these apps are free so I encourage you to check them out at your leisure!

These three apps are by far not the only ones I use or have used. They are just my most prominently and currently used at the moment.

So, what are some of your favorite fitness apps that have helped you on your journey?