Wild Thing Burpees

How do you make a burpee wilder and crazier?  A Wild Thing Burpee!

From a standing position, squat down to place hands on ground and kick feet back so you are in a plank position.  Perform a hand-release push-up (whole body touches floor and briefly pick up your hands before pushing back up), then jump your feet to the left side, then the right before you hop them back to a squat position.  From there, stand or jump up and raise hands over head.  Yay!  That’s ONE!

If burpees are truly impossible for you at this point in your fitness, make modifications as necessary.
1) Lean on a bench or chair and don’t go all the way to the ground
2) Step feet back and forward rather than jumping
3) Skip the jump up and just stand with arms raised

Go wild with your workouts with a Wild Thing Burpee!