Zookeeper Makers

Why call them “man-makers”? This exercise will challenge anyone, because anyone can care about animals, but it takes someone special to be a zookeeper!

Start by standing with two weights (dumbbells, free weights, or makeshift kettlebells), one in each hand. Squat down, like you are doing a burpee and place weights on ground while holding onto them. Jump feet back to plank position. Bring the weight in your right hand up to your shoulder in a renegade row. Do a pushup. Bring the weight in your left hand to your shoulder in a renegade row. Do another pushup. Jump back to a crouch, pick up both weights, and bring the weights to your shoulder in a squat (called a squat clean). Stand up and bring weights over your head.

Basically, you are doing multiple exercises in one-

  1. Burpee
  2. Renegade row
  3. Pushup
  4. Renegade row
  5. Pushup
  6. Squat clean
  7. Thruster

That’s one repetition. Jump back to your crouch to start your second rep. We’ll make a zookeeper out of you yet!