30 Days of ZooFit: Day 2- Fandom Fitness

I love coming up with new ways to make working out fun.  I have a whole new system for choosing our workouts for the summer, and I was excited to try it out yesterday. Our first workout for this season was a Harry Potter workout, from my Fandom Fitness collection.
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30 Days of ZooFit: Day 1- Habit Building 101

I’m re-reading a favorite book of mine, Level Up Your Life by Steve Kamb, and just finished giving a class on Building Habits for North Sound Writers. These have reminded me of my lessons from ZooFit for building habits.

As I start a 30 day writing/fitness challenge, I recall how important habits are in our daily lives. Whether it’s eating habits, fitness habits, habits to take care of ourselves, or habits to improve our lives, they are the building block to success. Continue reading 30 Days of ZooFit: Day 1- Habit Building 101

Burpee Bonus

I hadn’t been this proud since my days as an animal care specialist working with young dolphins and whales. It was a proud mama moment, even though I’ve never had children. The moment your pupils, animals or humans, finally get it. The moment the light bulb goes off and they do what you’ve been trying to teach them for so long. Without prompting, guiding, or leading them. Continue reading Burpee Bonus

Dealing With the Negative Nancy

This month for North Sound Writers book club, we are reading Don’t Shoot the Dog, by Karen Pryor. Karen is the mother goddess-dragon of all animal trainers, and she is attributed to developing positive reinforcement training which zoos and aquariums adhere to in working with their animals. The book she wrote is considered the animal trainer’s bible. 

But Karen didn’t write the book just for animal trainers. She wrote it specifically for people outside the training world. She wrote it for people looking to change their pet’s behavior. To change your kids’ behavior. Your spouse’s habits. Even your own. Karen shows how a shift from negative focus, punishment methods to a positive reinforcement mindset will bring life long changes in habits. Continue reading Dealing With the Negative Nancy

Reinforcement Versus Reward

It’s strange how inspiration works. For my book club selection next month, I chose an oldie but a goodie, Karen Pryor’s Don’t Shoot the Dog. I chose it for a variety of reasons. It is what animal trainers sometimes call “the Animal Training Bible”. This is a book I grew up reading in my career. It influenced me as an animal care specialist and zookeeper, and it is one of the inspirations for The Zookeeper’s Guide to Fitness (or whatever I’m calling it these days). I was curious how my friends in the book club would appreciate a self-help book over their normal selections of science-fiction, fantasy, and occasional memoir/autobiography. I am writing a self-help book. It’s kind of important for me to know how people will potential review my own book. Continue reading Reinforcement Versus Reward

Whole30 Rant

Whole30 is a program where you remove certain foods from your diet, such as processed foods, addictive sugary foods, foods with a history of causing inflammation, and foods with high correlation to allergies. For thirty days, you maintain a steady diet of whole vegetables and unprocessed meats. This is essentially resetting your body by removing all the potential negative foods, and letting your body settle into a completely natural and whole diet. After thirty days, you reintroduce the foods you eliminated, one by one, and evaluate how your body and how your brain responds and reacts to it. Continue reading Whole30 Rant

Revive Your Resolution

It’s that time of year again. Where we are counting the days until summer and bikini season, and panicking because our bodies are way way way not ready for either.

This is also the time of year when most New Year resolution makers, who at midnight on January 1st of this year claimed THIS is the year they will finally get in shape, start falling off the wagon. It’s a great time to go to the gym. Up until last week the gym was packed with newbies running on YOUR treadmill, swimming in YOUR pool lane, taking up space in YOUR class. Go on back. Those classes are empty once again. There may be a couple new faces, but for the most part the band-wagoneers have all jumped off. Continue reading Revive Your Resolution

(Wow, the year was so overwhelming for me I wanted to skip right over it and go into the best and worst of 2018).

I’ve heard from quite a few people I know well and people I don’t know at all about how bad 2017 was. I’m not going to lie. It wasn’t the best for me either. But there were some truly enjoyable moments mixed with the scary shit. I guess it’s always all about balance.

The best thing about a new year is getting to write lists. Me and lists go way back. So, here’s my lists of the best and worst for me in 2017. I want to reiterate that what I write is personal for me. I don’t wish to discount anyone’s experiences this year. For example, while I know quite a few people who were affected by hurricanes Irma and Harvey, they didn’t make my list because I experienced other things a bit more personal for me. But I don’t want to discount that hurricanes are getting more powerful, more frequent, and more devastating.  What is on this list are my personal feelings about the reaction and action we are taking to combat things like stronger and crazier hurricanes. Enough, let’s get down to it. Continue reading

Conservation Hero WODs

I will have to admit a little factoid about myself. My fitness program is heavily influenced by CrossFit. I have a strange love-hate relationship with CrossFit, but for the most part, and I do mean a majority of my feelings are quite positive. CrossFit offers camaraderie that I have never experienced before. They also offer a huge variety which I greatly appreciate in a workout program. And most of the time, they are very positive reinforcement and encouragement driven.  Continue reading Conservation Hero WODs