An honest critique of OrangeTheory Fitness

For the past two weeks, Chris and I had a free trial for a new fitness facility that is opening in Beaverton called Orange Theory Fitness. It will be the first one to open in Oregon and I was really glad I had the opportunity to try it out (more than once) to see what it would entail. I also wanted to give an honest and thorough review of this facility to practice some critiquing and put some of my fitness evaluating to use. For my Seattle friends, I do believe there is one or two opening in the area, and this review might help you decide if you’d like to check it out. Continue reading An honest critique of OrangeTheory Fitness

100 Ways of Fitness Day 88

Get comfortable being uncomfortable

I try to take small lessons from everyday activities. Last night was pretty rough for me. I couldn’t sleep all night. Got up after three hours of sleep, took a bath and watched the rest of West Wing on Netflix. I couldn’t eat. And finally around the time I wanted to leave for my bike ride to work, I was overcome with exhaustion and ended up going back to bed for an hour. Continue reading 100 Ways of Fitness Day 88