100 Ways of Fitness Day 75

Three Things

I really like it when I can’t decide what to write about and I end up writing about all this incredible stuff that happened to me or I accomplished. Today was definitely one of those days!

It was my first solo day at the Family Farm. It went so smooth I almost wanted to double check EVERYTHING to make sure, because I MUST have missed something! But I was trained well, and I have faith in Diane as well as me. She really did a great job showing me all the little things, too. Like the compressor. She warned me yesterday that the it comes on at random times and it’s really loud and will scare the hell out of you. So, today, I’m in the bathroom and I hear this incredibly jaunting noise. It startled me but I immediately thought, oh, that must be the compressor! If she hadn’t warned me yesterday, I would have crapped myself. I have to think of an appropriate way to thank her (I gave her a zoo buck). But the animals were all incredibly cooperative. I got some goat love and got to yell “Hay, ewes!” at the sheep. And I officially met Mike, one of the other keepers on the West Team who helps out with family farm once in a while. He’s probably the real reason everything ran smoothly. But it was a decent day. A very decent day!

Also was able to hold Bootcamp for the first time in ages! And because it’s been so nice, we held it outside. And because tomorrow is St Patrick’s Day, I wrote up a themed workout (you all know how much I LOVE themed workouts!). It was fantastical! Can’t wait for Thursday! Hiking with my So!Much!Fun! Crew (I hope you can make it, Alyssa ). And next week Bootcamp! And working out with Alyssa and maybe Kim at their gym.

Finally, I am patting myself on the back for an incredible job well done! So it’s Meatless Monday, and I planned on us having eggs with grilled pepper and onion in a marinara sauce. Perfect, right? Well, im also participating inKaren‘s Kick Sugar for 7 Days challenge and just as I was going to open the marinara, I saw in the ingredients it has sugar. Crap! No worries! I instead puréed tomatoes and added spices to make my own sauce. And you know what? It was AWESOME!

By the way, Karen, I also bought ingredients to make my own granola and I’m super stoked! Especially with a majority of the ingredients being locally sourced. Wednesday is going to rock!

What oh what will tomorrow bring?

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100 Ways of Fitness Day 74

Fitness Woes

Forgot to post yesterday! Whoops!

Have any of you seen those videos called “First World Problems”? How “hard” it is to be without cell phone for a day. The television only has ten channels. Microwave meal takes 5 minutes, but you’re hungry NOW!

I came up with some similar statements but call them “Fitness Woes”

Here goes, enjoy:

  1. Going thru airport security after losing several inches on your waist. It’s ridiculous. I took off my belt and had to hold my pants up with my hands, but going through the scanner, you have to hold your hands up…..
  2. Having to buy new clothes every few weeks
  3. But none of those clothes include jeans or Blazers
  4. Most of your wardrobe is now workout clothes
  5. The last thing you need is another pair of socks, but DID YOU SEE THESE NEW NINJA SOCKS?!?!
  6. Your social life revolves around your gym/workout schedule.
  7. You have deleted Facebook friends simply bc they don’t understand what the big deal about your workout/eating habits are
  8. You have been “talked to” about your “priorities”
  9. You have been told to stop talking about working out so damn much.
  10. You didn’t comply.
  11. It’s so frustrating when you are out and about and no one asks you where anything is (bc the elephants are *dramatic gesture* “that way”)
  12. Management denied my request for new uniforms when given the reason for needing them “to show off these GUNS”
  13. The vets respond negatively to your requests to check out these SICK PYTHONS
  14. You have been late for work more than once so you can finish your WOD
  15. You only needed $40 out of the atm but since you stopped by the bank right after an arm workout, you couldn’t control your shaking hand and ended up with $60
  16. Stairs defeat you after leg day
  17. Doors defeat you after arm day
  18. You have no idea why people who may not have seen you in a few months are gawking at you
  19. You get offended when someone calls you “skinny”, even when they mean that as a sincere compliment. “I’m not skinny! I’m FIT”
  20. No one understands how you keep your physique when they see you eat so much damn food
  21. You can’t decide which workout to do, so you end up working out 3 times so you don’t have to choose
  22. When did shaving my armpits become so difficult?
  23. You get pissed about being sick not bc you’ll miss work, but bc you won’t be able to workout.

What are some of your “woes”? Can you relate to any of mine?


100 Ways of Fitness Day 73

Biking season and grilling season are now open

Spring is in the air. I have some qualms with it coming earlier each year, but a huge part of me revels in the gorgeous weather. Two of my favorite things start up with this grand weather- biking and grilling.

Bike season started Friday for me. I rode to the gym and worked out and ride back to the car. I left my bike on my car so I could do it again the next day, but I forget sometimes I live in Seattle. So I got up and dressed, putting on my biker shorts and shoes, grabbed my regular shoes and stepped outside, super excited to get another ride in for my weekend, and it was raining. But the forecast shows that there will be several nice days this coming week, so I’m sure I’ll get a couple rides in to work. I’m really looking forward to it.

And with the great weather, my favorite place to eat has started up his grill! Last summer, Chris and I spent just about every Saturday at B’s Tequila Grill. We are everything from bison burgers to alligator, and veggies to die for- zucchini, sweet potatoes, eggplant, and even grilled peaches. It was the BEST! So when I saw a video demonstrating how to make BBQ “sushi”, I knew it was time for B’s to open up again! I love experimenting with food, and Brent loves grilling so it’s a win-win. We made our rolls a little more healthy by substituting ground beef with ground turkey. And sheep’s milk cheese rather than regular cheese. But it was beyond delicious! I don’t know which I like more- bbq sushi or jalapeño poppers with goat cheese and bacon. Mmmmmm, jalapeño poppers…. I also made some eggplant appetizers with sheep cheese and tomatoes. I fixed four small eggplant but they were GONE within ten minutes. So that’s always a good sign.

Eating good food with good friends is always a fantastic way to finish up your weekend. If my workweek is anything remotely close to my weekend, I’m going to really be enjoying myself!

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100 Ways of Fitness Day 72

So many things to talk about!

Busy busy day!

Got off to a super late start because, well, it’s my weekend so I’ll sleep in and lay around all morning if I want.

First and foremost I have admit I have a deep infatuation with goat milk yogurt and mixed berries. So even though I had a big breakfast of sweet potato and bacon i divulged some more with my love!

Finally getting out of the house, I brought my bike to a park and ride and rode it to LA Fitness. It was my first real ride of the year, so I’m going to mark today as the opening of my bike season. Yay!

At Lala land I worked on catching up on my March challenge. I missed three days so I did 20 of each exercise and will start on 25 tomorrow. I’m really going to try to keep up with the exercises for the rest of the month bc doing 30-40 or 50 of each exercise all in a row is really not the idea of the challenge.

After my challenge, I ran a mile to get my one mile time. I haven’t checked my previous time, but I did it in 9:44 today.

I was exhausted but still got my bike back to the park and ride and ran to the grocery store where I bought all our veggies for the week for only $15! Apples, bananas, zucchini, cabbage, potatoes, sweet potatoes, tomato, mushrooms, and pepper. For $15!

For my evening entertainment, I traveled to Kent to see three very special girls perform in their church/school musical. Adorable doesn’t cut it with these three young ladies, and they even got me a gift, just to make me smile (bc who can’t smile with a jumbo rainbow slinky?)!

And of course Winnie is doing much better, so I’m closing my day with some pecan coconut breaded rockfish and settle in for another fun filled day tomorrow!

If I’m not mistaken, I believe B’s Tequila Grill House is opening for the season. I’m going to eat the hell out of some bacon bbq “sushi” rolls and other delicious treats (eggplant, zucchini, and probably more sweet potato hashbrowns with bacon?).

So, not exactly relaxing but definitely rejuvenating!

What’s on your list for the weekend?

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100 Ways of Fitness Day 71

Eat Your Veggies

Again, I realized tonight I picked up a healthy habit unintentionally.

So I have an app that counts the servings of veggies you eat and will pay you (like pennies per serving but still) if you meet your goal. Today I wanted to see if I could get something like half my goal in one day. And I did.

I ate real food and a serving of veggies or fruit with every meal. And I’m even pleased with the placement of each serving throughout the day. I really gave myself great fuel o help me through through my workday and my evening workout.

Here was my menu for the day

  • Breakfast- egg white omelette with pepper and tomato and sweet potato hashbrowns (omg, were those GOOD!)
  • Snack- two pears and chicken pepperoni stick
  • Lunch- out to lunch with a co-worker, but still managed to eat healthy! Chicken and broccoli at Chinese restaurant.
  • Snack- goat milk yogurt with honey and mixed berries
  • Dinner- bison steaks with asian braised Bok choy.

I had a ton of good food today and my body totally feels it! The really great thing to me is I really didn’t even intentionally think about eating so good, I just wanted to see how many servings of veggies I could get.

Healthy habit achieved!

Next challenge? Week long without processed or refined sugar. God help us! Starts Sunday or Monday.

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100 Ways of Fitness Day 70

Lessons from Winnie

I’m dealing with my cat who is 17 years old and not doing all that well.

Again she’s 17. But I’ve been thinking back to my life with her and I came to the realization how much this feisty feline has taught me over the years.

  1. Do NOT take shit from people. Ever. Even if you tolerate their presence on occasion.
  2. Pick your fights. But when you get in them, do not go half ass.
  3. Stare at blank walls for random periods of time. It’ll make people wonder. Or you can smile. Does the same thing.
  4. be very picky about the company you keep.
  5. when you get old, you can eat whatever the hell you feel like. Until then, take care of your body. Eat right.
  6. do not be impressed with the latest most shiny toys. They usually won’t live up to your expectations anyways.
  7. DO NOT TOUCH THE WHITE PAW! I don’t know what that is a comparison to. I just know I learned early on in Winnie’s life to NOT. TOUCH. The WHITE PAW.
  8. don’t just eat whatever is put in front of you. You deserve to put good food in your body. Expect only the best.
  9. never underestimate the amount of fun one can have with a (shoe)string (budget).
  10. Speak up for yourself
  11. Make deep impressions on people. Deep deep impressions that don’t heal for 5-8 years.
  12. Just because it’s beautiful doesn’t mean you should reach out and touch it. That’s an excellent way to get your hand ripped off. And leave deep deep impressions.
  13. Only accept the finer things in life.
  14. Be aloof. It draws people in.
  15. When you look back on your life, be sure to show appreciation for those who matter the most.

Chris says Winnie is just like me. Hardly. I can only hope to live my life like Winnie.

She’s doing a lot better this evening but gave me and Chris quite a scare earlier. At least she’s eating a little better. And she still has some fight left in her. And I think she has a few more lessons in life to share with me.

Love my Winnie-vere.

100 Ways of Fitness Day 69

Alcohol free for a week

I’ll keep this short so I can try to focus on day 70.

I wasn’t doing it consciously for a health challenge but I realized it gone over a week without drinking alcohol. I’ve had an incredibly stressful week and I haven’t been eating great or working out like I should (or as intensely as I should), but one thing I didn’t do was get shit-faced or forget my problems with alcohol. And considering how much I love tequila, this is saying a lot.

I like alcohol. I like having fancy fru-fru drinks with friends or an occasional glass of wine with dinner. But I also recognize that alcohol is t going to make me fitter. It isn’t going to help that tremendously with my problems of I’ve had a bad day or conflict. It doesn’t help me be more creative or more motivated. I just like it on occasion.

I think it’s actually important for me to recognize this. There are so many habits we have that we do because it feels good or because we THINK it helps but it really doesn’t.

So here’s a toast to a new and better you. By the way, that’s a glass of water I’m holding up! To your health!

100 Ways of Fitness Day 68

Twist on Guilty Pleasure

It’s Meatless Monday, and I decided tonight we’d have pizza. Chris has some sort of obsession with pizza. Every off day, every splurge day, he always gets pizza. But we’ve done make your own pizza before and while it’s always good, I think we are going to be hard pressed to top tonight’s pizza night.

I only took a photo of my pizza, but both of our pizzas were delicious!

On mine:

  • Very light amount bbq sauce
  • Szechwan eggplant
  • Tofu
  • Peppers, onions, mushroom
  • Figs
  • Walnuts
  • Goat cheese

Chris’ pizza:

  • Marinara
  • Pepper, onion, mushroom
  • Goat cheese
  • Fried egg

Who says you can’t make your favorite foods healthier?

100 Ways of Fitness Day 67


Today was my first day on my new team. I was given a pass today as I’m not there tomorrow and Tuesday. So I got to play with goats, donkeys, pigs, chickens, and sheep. Wednesday I return for more formal training. And I really do feel better about the move now that I’ve gone there and worked with them.

Training isn’t as centrally focused with the farm animals as it is with previous animals I’ve worked with, but I am still impressed with the potential. Chickens following the trainer around outside running back and forth. Socializing goats to get used to the contact yard that opens in May. Training goats and sheep to get on a scale.

I know the first couple weeks are the honeymoon period. But I hope the feeling lasts at least a month…
I hope I gain a bit more motivation from this move, my eating habits have gotten a little wonky, and my desire to get up and moving has dwindled. I still don’t write more than these posts on a daily basis and I sometimes feel too tired and exhausted to even read a little while in bed. It’s pretty frustrating but again I think this change will bring so much of what I was proud of back in business.

I’ve already gotten more motivation to commit to working out. And I feel good about the foods I bought this past week.

Now I’m going to sign off and go back to texting my BFF who is sitting right next to me while watching “West Wing”.

Good night!





100 Ways of Fitness Day 66

Cleaned my car!

Yeah! That’s right! I cleaned my fracking car. It’s been disgusting me for weeks, nay, months! And tomorrow I’ll be picking up my BFF from her writer’s retreat. I haven’t seen her in a year, so I’m trying to get everything spiffy. Chris cleaned the bathroom, and well, our living room is at least “organized”.

I did some great things today. Bought a new yoga mat, played at Experience Momentum with box jumps, and had a really good pilates class. I ate great, even though this evening I felt like I had a tapeworm. I wasn’t even hangry, just famished.

Tomorrow I start a new sort of chapter in my career. I’ll be learning Family Farm, working with sheep, donkeys, pigs, and goats. I have a bit of anxiety about going over, mainly about the abrupt and sudden move, but I know it’s the best thing for me. I think that’s why I’m ravished.

I gave way to my cravings it in a healthy way. Goat milk yogurt and honey, celery and pb2, an apple, and some grapefruit. I got this.