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100 Ways of Fitness Day 82

Coming down from my sugar high Last week I did a 7-day sugar free challenge. I practiced abstinence in the strictest sense, because I’ve already reduced a huge amount of sugar from my diet.

100 Ways of Fitness Day 79

Workout buddy Today is my Sunday and I still was able to wake myself up at 5:30 and make it to the gym by 7:30. Why would I do this on my weekend? I had a buddy waiting for me. Someone was counting on me to be at the gym…

100 Ways of Fitness Day 78

Take a Hike! It was the perfect day for a hike. Not blazing hot, nor raining. Cool but not freezing. Not busy because it’s Thursday. And I’m off with two of my work buddies.

100 Ways of Fitness Day 77

Good day for a ride Weather was fantastic out here, so I rode my bike to work today. Always nervous the first couple times I ride to work. Will my knees hold up? Roads and traffic. Making sure I give myself ample time.

100 Ways of Fitness Day 76

Sugar free is very sweet I joined a kick sugar for 7 days challenge with Karen Petersen on Monday, and even though I am only two days in, I feel pretty good about it. I made some granola from Karen’s recipe and I made one batch with all local ingredients,…

100 Ways of Fitness Day 75

Three Things I really like it when I can’t decide what to write about and I end up writing about all this incredible stuff that happened to me or I accomplished. Today was definitely one of those days! It was my first solo day at the Family Farm. It went…

100 Ways of Fitness Day 74

Fitness Woes Forgot to post yesterday! Whoops! Have any of you seen those videos called “First World Problems”? How “hard” it is to be without cell phone for a day. The television only has ten channels. Microwave meal takes 5 minutes, but you’re hungry NOW! I came up with some…

100 Ways of Fitness Day 73

Biking season and grilling season are now open Spring is in the air. I have some qualms with it coming earlier each year, but a huge part of me revels in the gorgeous weather. Two of my favorite things start up with this grand weather- biking and grilling. Bike season…